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York Street Thought Process, the musical collaboration between Jaron Camp and Rachael Frankruyter, offers an intimate experience, crafting a spirited blend of indie-folk and improvisation. Having charmed audiences across Southern Ontario, from intimate venues to lively festivals, York Street Thought Process provides a playful and authentic folk experience. Having released their debut album "Roots" in the summer of 2022, the duo recently ventured to the east coast to record a new album set to release in 2024.

Rachael Frankruyter

Rachael Frankruyter is a singer-songwriter from Stratford, Ontario. Rachael’s passion for music took off at a young age, when she began taking classical singing lessons. Frankruyter later explored different musical genres, and learned how to play guitar and piano. She went on to perform at local music events and competitions singing in both classical and folk-pop styles. Meanwhile, she also began writing songs. Frankruyter released her debut self-titled EP in August of 2019, and released a second EP titled, “For Today” in March of 2021.

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Jaron Camp

Jaron Camp is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from St. Marys, Ontario. After years of performing as a side-musician for artists such as Emm Gryner, Camp has been pursuing his love of lyrical folk music by writing and recording his own original music. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jason Isbell and Bob Dylan, Camp weaves together improvisational playing and evocative lyrics. 

Jaron has released an album through the indie-folk duo project York Street Thought Process and a solo debut album "Fruitful Consequence". 

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